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Waters of Georgian Bay at Dusk

There is a peaceful calm about the sky that makes the waves seem less menacing. This was a time after a sailing race where it was easy to enjoy simply being out on the water. Moving slowing, catching the wind and then quickening until the winds die down.

The waters have a green/blue make up depending on where your eyes gaze. The caps on top of the waves indeed let us know that the water was a little rough which means the racing was great allowing the boats to move as quickly as the crew was able to work.

These evenings and days on the water were never the same as the skies and waters offer many scenarios--so calm you had to move under the power of the motor to quick panic as you realize you can't out sail the storm and you need to baton down.

Acrylic on Canvas: 20" x 30" = 325 CA

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