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"I approached Wendy to create a piece for me because I love her loose, expressive style.  I especially love her trees and how she captures the beauty that exists in ones that are dead nd bare.  I am drawn to their beauty myself and appreciate the feeling Wendy expresses in her paintings of them. Hauntingly beautiful.

Wendy was a pleasure to deal with.  She listened to what I was looking for and was able to produce an original piece of art that I absolutely love!"

-Kelly, Wasaga Beach-

"For some time, I have been wanting to try my hand and eye at painting. I knew Wendy to be a talented painter, kind and patient so hoped she might be able to get me started.

WOW! It was a fantastic experience, start to finish!

Wendy encouraged me to pursue a piece that had meaning to me and although the scene I chose had some difficult elements, Wendy assured me I could rise to the challenge.  Wendy ensured I had all the materials I needed and explained each step along the way.  She had a perfect way of making suggestions without ever taking over, I always felt the work was entirely my own.  We shared stories and great laughs along the way, making the learning fun each time. 


For me, the painting was cathartic and tranquil.  Each lesson, Wendy sent along a progress photo, which I have kept to help remind me of the process, which will be valuable for my future pieces.  Wendy has ignited my desire to keep exploring my artistic abilities and she has assured me that I am capable!"

-Valerie, Wasaga Beach-
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