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Humans Interacting With Nature

I’ve always been fascinated with dead trees and watch for them at the sides of the roads I travel. In the past, I have painted many of the trees I saw regularly. Over the years, I have noticed more trees dying as the forests age.


What has caught my attention in the past year are the amount of trees falling onto the hydro wires. The branches remaining and not being cleared away quickly seems like an imminent stoppage in power waiting to happen.


Our reliance on hydro and the need to maintain the lines these trees are on makes me wonder, have we planned well enough?


These paintings are a series of branches, and/or trees that I see regularly on my drives to and from home. As I drive I’ll be watching to see what the winter/spring brings. In the meantime, I will rely on my generator as needed.

Showing this series with Braydon Clarke: Photographer and Kelly Canfield in  Guelph at the end of April 2024

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