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Tree Tops

This painting came about after catching the tops of this tree regularly through my window. It was a study in patience as well as the lights and darks. Being self taught, I would struggle to find the ways to put on canvas what I was seeing. I would spend time working and reworking in most areas while looking at the tree at the same time each day.

Once the limbs were in it was another challenge to get the blue sky in the spaces between the limbs. It wasn't until I was able to stand back and feel a sense of pride that I was able to say, "Yep, it's done!"

This quickly became a favourite of my mom's, so she proudly displayed it in the kitchen where we lived as a family. Over time she asked me to complete two more pieces to accompany the tops. Finally the entire tree hung on the kitchen wall. When the house was sold the 3 pieces landed back with me. Currently this is the piece that hangs in studio. Eventually, I'll own a safe ladder so I'm able to hang all 3 together in a way that does the work justice.

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