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Tree I Went In The Ditch For--sketch

There was a tree that I saw every day on my way to and from work. It intrigued me as there seemed to be so much going on. One sunny day, I packed up my sketch pad and charcoal. Just ahead of the tree I pulled over at the side of the road and began sketching. To ensure that I left room for other drivers, I went a little too far into the gravel.

I began sketching and an unmistakable sensation of sliding sideways into the ditch happened. I quickly turned the truck on and turned the wheels towards the farmers field. I was now sliding directly into his planted field. There was no house around, no other cars and panic was now running high. I remembered seeing a gate and road into the fields ahead each day I had travelled this way. I went into 4 wheel drive and plowed through the field toward the gate. It was locked! I went about examining the gate for a way to get out of the field before being caught in it. I was able to MacGyver me way slowly through the gate way by releasing the side from the post. Once on the road I replaced the gate on its hinges and headed to work releasing a nervous laugh.

On the way home I was able to see the mess of the field edge my tracks had made.

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