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Travel Sketching

I just went through my journals of writing and sketching. I love the sharpie sketches I did while travelling mid-western USA and my summer spent in Figi, New Zealand and Australia. They hold memories of places like photographs. I turned to the sharpie after noticing my charcoal sketches were smudging too much and breaking while travelling.

On my last travelling adventure I did not sketch, nor did I take any sketching material. I think that the advancement of my phone/camera capabilities seemed to make sketching obsolete. I completed only one work on my year off excursion, that being a painting while I stayed in South Africa with Heidi and Marc.

When I reviewed my sketching I can tell I loved the blue sharpie best and the red/green equally least. Perhaps the blue helped capture the feel of all the nature pieces I did in the wide expanse of the mid-west, the ocean/sky of Figi and the skies and rocks of NZ and Australia.

During the summer and winter months after my mid-west road trip (the one I didn't need the tent pegs for, Becky lol) I took to first, sharpie sketching my parent's cottage views on masonite board and then painting. These pieces provided much discussion for myself and others while I was renting space at the Alton Mill. Many felt that my works were "unfinished." For me, they were complete. And so they remained even though others provided me much to consider as their views perhaps leaned more towards the traditional; whereas, mine didn't.

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