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Pack and Go

In a surprising turn of events, in what took less than two weeks, I bought elsewhere and sold here. The creativity of packing is what has been taking up my time and energy rather than drawing or painting.

Packing pieces of art is a fine art. All my glass covered pieces are wrapped and then placed in purchased boxes made for mirrors. My canvases I treat differently. The smaller works go in one box with paper between each one. Larger pieces can sometimes fit in flattened boxes that are taped on either end. My largest works create larger issues. Each gets wrapped with old bed sheets, sheets of cardboard, cardboard corners and lots of tape. Or any combination of the aforementioned. My final hope is that each is wrapped well enough to survive the move and that the movers agree to move them from here to there.

The new space that I am going to is just thoughts at the moment. I have ideas that will likely change and unfold many times as I work to satisfy my personal needs plus the tools I use to create without "wrecking" my surroundings.

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