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Birch Tree

This was the next painting after I completed Butternut. Both paintings have the similar background sky blue colour I love. I use 4 paints to create this blue and it varies depending on the amount of each colour that gets mixed in. At times, the shade might be more purple and at other times much lighter depending on how much white gets added. Painting to me is much like cooking without using the exact measures. Instead it is more of a guide.

Throughout the years, I continue to use the same 4 colours mixed to create my skies with no two versions being the same. Some skies display many of these versions one on top of the other which creates an interesting look and feel.

I love the loose look of the birch bark. This was achieved by placing layers of different shades and colours on top of the other. I've been asked if I used palette knives to get this look, which I did not. This is all brush work. I keep thinking about using knives, so it will happen. It's only a question of when....keep following to find out.

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