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Wendy Clarke Studio


Wendy Clarke Studio

I have always been fascinated by things that will lose their purpose or have already lost their purpose.  Dead trees, historic buildings, and the sails on a sail boat hold particular interest as they all have stories to tell.

I began painting in Quebec and have continued to paint off and on after moving to Ontario.  I have been part of juried shows, as well as studio tours.  It is with the commissions that I get to push my learning further than I thought possible.  As a self taught artist, I still have much to learn and welcome the opportunities to stretch myself.

I enjoy drawing using Charcoal and paint crayons.  The majority of my paintings are acrylic and representational in nature.  I prefer using acrylics as I am able to manipulate them to be like water colours or to appear as if they were painted in oils.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio to find out what else I can learn about myself, my collection and my process.

Painting Tutorials

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