Working Out the Problems

I am blocked.  I have two paintings that I am working on.  Both are landscapes from my trip away.  One is the Teton Mountains, Wyoming and the other is Antelope Island, Salt Lake City.  The sky is presenting the problem.

Thank goodness painting over is always available.  Currently, the sky has two colours in it that is creating the problem.  I am working out the colours in my mind. I am trying to decide whether I add another colour or paint it out to white and start again.

These are the times that I learn the most about painting.  When a painting comes together without having to do any work it feels great.  Usually, I have painted the painting many times in my mind before I put it on the canvas.  The real thinking and learning occurs when I have to fix the work.

I am going to have to put the paint on the brush soon.  The longer I wait, doesn’t make the job an easier.  It is time to decide….


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