Trying on the I-phone

Have been busy hiking twice, once where the gold mining use to occur. Felt like singing , hi hoe like the dwarfs from Snow White through tunnels and darkness. Then this morning over the caves I rafted through yesterday.

Those of you who know me well, won’t believe this, but I went bare foot to sea kayak–freezing by the end! And hold on–black water rafting. On a winter day outside, I stepped into a wet, cold wet suit! Then spent 3 hours making my way through the caves, complete with water falls, glow worms ( fancy name for maggots), and surprises. I even took my glasses off! Could hardly see the next turn. At night we dug into the beach at low tide to expose hot water (7:00) pm.  I only was brave enough to dip my feet…others were all in!

Today we headed over to Rotarua to luge. Now am finding free wi-fi before heading to the Polynesian Spa to finally warm up in the hot pools.  Rotarua is a hot bed of thermal activity.  It has been two weeks of travel now–and I have been a little frightened each day by something, usually the activities. I am learning more about living the life of hostel living–always something new to carve out and gaining an understanding of the Kiwi language and so far it has all been….”sweet as”

Nienhuis, perk up…I was to be doing an 8 hour hike in a couple of days along the route to Mordor and Mt. Doom.  This activity has already been cancelled because it is expected to rain in two days time.  Unfortunately, we will miss out on this leg of the “Rings” tour.  However, the caves I was in the other day were where part of the filming of the upcoming Hobbit was filmed.

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8 Responses to Trying on the I-phone

  1. maureen says:

    You do realize that you will now have to go back to NZ to get those Mordor pics with avatar Nienhuis at the foothills of Mt. Doom.

  2. Becky says:

    Sounds like a great time! I would have been soooo jealous of your Mordor hike! I am glad to hear you have a scary experience each day (haha). Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. Miss ya!

  3. barb Vanderhout says:

    Rotarua, also known as rottenrua as we called it, not a great smelling place but a cool place to visit…cheers!!!!

  4. Maria says:

    Hey Wendy .. i finally got to your blog… i miss ya! i hope you have good weather and can proceed with your outings. any good looking kiwis yet???? lol

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