Things I Haven’t Gotten Use To

Well, it has been almost 7 weeks and I am still not use to the driving here.  Not that the driving itself is much different, it is simply on the wrong side.  When I am crossing the roads I am now conditioned to look one way then the other….and expect the cars to be running in the right lanes.  I have been caught off guard a few times and start crossing when I believe it to be clear…it is not.  And these drivers do not slow down, nor to they honk…I don’t believe I have heard a horn since my arrival.  I just need to kick into high gear and move it!

The round abouts are another thing entirely.  I see the use and I get that it keeps traffic moving without the use of lights.  They are cause to make you hold onto your gear or it will leave the seat and quick.  The best round about was in Waitomo, NZ when we had just finished our black water rafting…now we were wet and cold, but without thinking we let our driver know that another driver was going to go for the record amounts of circles in the van.  We keep going, and going, and going until I thought we would never get off that ride!!  Over TWENTY–crazy.

I think I was most caught off guard when I saw a small child climb out of the driver’s seat….what the…Oh, yeah, the passenger side.  A number of times I have gone to clamber into the driver seat without thinking, oh yeah, other side…..

We are creatures of habit….today I will stay on the sidewalk and check both ways before beginning to walk….

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2 Responses to Things I Haven’t Gotten Use To

  1. Maureen says:

    Things I haven’t got use to…Wendy being gone so long! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Soon…I’m at the airoport now! See you soon…

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