The Day Has Finally Arrived

I have finally convinced some friends to join me on this adventure, Moe, Stu and Nienhuis.  We started drawing ourselves the other evening and much of this type of planning is about remembering people when you are away.

I know Nienhuis will love the parts of New Zealand where the Lord of the Rings was filmed–I hope to be able to place her in Hobbittown!  Moe, is all about Figi, so she is bikini clad already–she may freeze in New Zealand.  Stu has already been on the trip I am taking, so he has made suggestions about where to hang out.  Alex, who doesn’t have an avatar, will be remembered at every stop as she too has lived the experience and got me so excited about her time down under that I just had to go!

Thanks to everyone who helped me choose places to stop and make suggestions for adventures along the way, and to everyone that shared photos and memories.  Now is my time to make memories to share with you.  I will be taking the time to sketch regularly and of course I will take tons of pictures!  Wish everyone were with me for real…..

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4 Responses to The Day Has Finally Arrived

  1. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Honourable mention?! Wow thanks! lol I will miss you SO much but you will have an unforgettable time of your life and create memories that will last forever! My friend in Fiji is going to take you to Ed’s Bar, a local spot 🙂 Have a safe flight! Hopefully you’ll get some sleep 🙂 Talk soon!

  2. Becky says:

    Hope you (and I) had a good flight! 🙂

  3. sharon says:

    Good luck Wendy! We wish you all the best on your journey and hope you have the time of your life! Can’t wait to hear your stories. Love Sharon, Doug, Cole, Con & Haley

  4. Jen says:

    Hope you are having a great time and looking forward to hearing all about it . Happy Canada Day! Good weekend at cottage – David learned to slalom ski, after a few attempts my body remembered how And Ronny ….. Well he just does !

    Had a toast in your honor; looking forward to hearing from you soon !

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