Taupe–pronounced toe–paw

The pace has slowed considerably here–an opportunity to chill.  We arrived yesterday and the sky dive was cancelled as it was again today.  There will be other chances along the way, but no other chance for the 8 hour trek through Mordor and Mt. Doom, that was also cancelled.  Did laundry and read, and shopped around a bit as it was raining out and foggy as well.

NZ is an interesting country–here are some little known facts.  There are more cows here than people.  The milking industry is now larger than the sheep industry.  Here they also grow Pine trees as a renewable resource.  It only takes a pine tree 25 years to grow here whereas it takes 75 in Canada.  Houses are made of wood and aren’t our cookie cutter style of suburbs.  They export their wood as well, which is mostly plywood style.

I have found more gluten free products here than anywhere.  I was in a cafe called the Crazee Cow and I asked about gluten free–I had a BLT on bread that was soooo delicious!  From there I took away–bacon & spinach muffin (surprisingly yummy), carrot cake, cookies and then in the same town the grocery store had a whole aisle of products!  This small town had only a couple of people that needed gluten free.  I am going to have to try and get some gluten-free recipes.  Tonight I enjoyed a peanut butter sandwich on the best bread ever for gluten free…I’m gaining weight, what with all this product.

The New Zealanders are a proud group that support their teams–especially the All Black.  There is much around about the Olympics as well.  We are back on the bus tomorrow to head further south, but not all the way to Wellington.  We arrive in Wellington mid-week and I leave again I think this Friday.  Hoping to take in a Rugby game…would be great to see the All Blacks play.

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8 Responses to Taupe–pronounced toe–paw

  1. Sharon says:

    Sky diving! I guess I better not read mom that post! Sounds like you are having fun. Glenn, Daniel and David say hi – are sorry you are missing Mordor and Mt Doom – maybe you will get to the Shire. keep on posting and blogging.

    • Wendy Clarke says:

      Yes, hoping to on the return trip in the North. They have had to rebuild Hobbittown for the movie The Hobbit. Hi to all of them….hope they are all well. I am in Wellington now…just arrived and going to have a peek around. Blog you later!!!!

  2. Maureen says:

    Enjoy your gluten-free gluttony!

  3. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Hopefully you get another chance to skydive!!! You’ll love it! Rugby games are a definite must-see. You’ll get to see a real good Haka! Sounds like you are having a great time. I signed my life away so many times during my NZ travels. All part of the experience haha. Enjoy the adventure and take it all in!

    • Wendy Clarke says:

      I am sure I will have the opportunity again in the south…once I make it back up north if there is time to spare I will be wanting to do the 8 hr trek, so the sky dive will have to happen in the south! It is all, game on!

  4. Amanda Clark says:

    So cool that you are having all these new experiences! Love being able to follow your adventures on your blog. Enjoy your holiday!

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