collecting sap the old fashion way--CASE 400

March 12, 2012

The last time I was painting in the sugar bush the weather was freezing.  I was in full winter gear–snow pants, big jacket, hat, gloves and even a scarf.  Today, was the complete opposite…I was sun tanning.

Years ago, I painted in the freezing cold and the painting came together well (see Sugaring Time on the website) considering the cold conditions.  Today I had time to sit around and be quiet and study my subject.  The tractor sat quiet between collections, so I focused on it.  This is a subject that I consider a challenge.

The challenge for me is mostly with the perspective and proportion.  I guess this is the same for every undertaking; however, this subject had tires and many cylinder shapes that presented more of a challenge.

I have been observing a particular view that I will be painting soon.  Probably not tomorrow as rain is expected, so I might have an indoor subject.  Perhaps the coffee mugs at breakfast.

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