While my last holiday seemed to be all about the tent…this one is shaping up to be all about the time!

I was late for many things, so I bought a watch in Aukland, complete with an alarm that I had someone else set to be ensure it would be done right.  After a day up in the glacier I went to the hot pools where the watch met it’s demise.  A watch which was to be good to 100m depths of water, folded at less than a metre. 

Today I needed to be on the bus at 7:30 for my Milford Sound trip.  I borrowed a girl in the rooms alarm, which I didn’t set right I guess or it didn’t work.  Either way….7:28 I awoke…yes, I made the bus!  I was the last one on, with a missing sock and still in PJ top, but manged to find last nights pants in the frenzy.  I grabbed the back pack which luckily was fully loaded…

The Milford Sound really should be the Milford Fijord because it was formed by Glacier’s.  The whole region in the south west is part of the UNESCO heritage site–Fijordland National Park.  It is very similar to the the west coast line of  Newfoundland and regions of BC.  Makes one homesick for the mountains.  It is a park that is 136 hectares of uninhabitated land.  The waterfalls were spectacular, the tunnel was an impressive drive through the dark, and the snow capped peaks were something to think about skiing on.  The weather was not sunny, yet I was told it was a great day.  It was cloudy; however, no rain.  This region has the highest recorded amount of rainfall.  It rains here 2 out of 3 days a year.

We saw a rare bird that is endangered.  It is able to fly, yet it stayed close to us on the ground pecking at the stones.  There were two at one stop and a single one at another.  It is an olive coloured feather on the outside and when its’ wings are spread there is an orange, red and yellow underneath that shows through.

Tomorrow, I am sleeping in….with no where in particular to be….and no time schedule I will be held to…..

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3 Responses to Queenstown

  1. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Lucky you made it to Milford Sound! It’s spectacular. Pretty much every inch of NZ is spectacular. I really hope I get to go back one day. Watching the summer Olympics right now. They just started on Friday. Not sure if you’ve caught any of it over there on tv.

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    It was spectacular! We had no rain, which of course is unusually–especially in the winter months!

  3. maureen says:

    LOL…I can just picture you racing to that bus stop!

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