Putting the Energy onto the Canvas

The weather has cooled off!  The rain has continued for days.  There was a break in the rain and the sun shone for a window of time.  I bundled up and headed out to the yard, opened the paint box and threw it down.

I wanted to paint the perfect tree in the yard.  One you want to climb, make a tree fort in, and watch through the seasons.  Except the majority of trees that I have painted are now ashes (Backyard Pine, Tree I Went in the Ditch For, Dead Butternut, Dead Birch, Tree Tops).  So I decided to paint the dead trees behind the garage instead.  The ones the Woodpecker visits.

The energy has been captured.  Many different things are going on because I was painting outside.  The canvas was placed on the top of the garbage pail which has caused the paint to run to the right.  My cold hands forced me to leave large globs of paint in places.  And I tried fluid acrylic (white) for the first time.

There is more work to be done to this piece, yet the energy is there, so it is starting well.


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