Problems Getting Solved

When I was in Salt Lake City it was over 100 degrees.  It was during a heat spell that had held us in humidity for weeks.  The heat was stifling this day also.  There was a haze that hung over the city, so I headed to the park to get away from it.

I arrived to learn there was a bug warning.  I was curious to know which bug was  the problem.  They said it was the no see ems.  Well, I was able to see these bugs and they were larger than deer flys.  There are actually a few that were stuck to the canvas during the painting.  Unfortunately, they did not survive the remainder of the drive.

During the heat I was able to capture the mountains and the shape of the water and the sand, complete with the weeds.  I brought it home to finish the water and the sky.  The sky became the second biggest problem, next to the water.

The water was originally too light compared to how it was that day.  It was dark in the light of the day and haze of the heat.  I made it darker.

I was having difficulty with the sky and now I am more comfortable with the results.  Originally, I had a yellow haze over the mountains.  Then the blue was too blue with the water.  Then the sky was too purple and now it is closer to what is was that day.  A hazy light blue awash with clouds.

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