I toured around the city this morning–checking the architecture.  They have been diligent about maintaining the historic feel by keeping the old brick facades and gutting the inner buildings–what looks old is brand new inside.

I then meandered through the halls of the art gallery–the indigenous gallery first.  The paintings used layers of vibrant colour that created textures that were like woven tapestries.  All telling a story to explain how things came to be, or how things are viewed.  They use–synthetic polymer paint–is that equivalent to my acrylics?  I don’t know.

I was then intrigued by all the people taking photos of these works—is this not a copyright type of issue??  As much as I would like to have photos on hand of peoples’ work–I thought is was just a given–no photos allowed…

I finished the day at the MIFF–Melbourne International Film Festival.  I saw two  documentaries, both well done.  I had seen on the news that Wil Farrell was in town, I was lead to believe he was promoting a film festival film….nope, he just red carpeted his film which is coming to the regular theatres, he is something, I think he was in character the whole interview.

Tomorrow I leave for the outback…Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.  Today I saw works by Billy Bean–this person’s interpretation of where I am heading.  Then I can compare sketches–mine and his.

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  1. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the Outback! My parents really enjoyed the Outback. I didn’t have time to cover it on my travels 🙁

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    I will be posting about it!!!

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