Meet The Artist

I begin most of my paintings outdoors and bring them back to my studio to be completed. The sails are sketched on board and captured on film. I have not yet painted a sail while on the water. This is probably a project I will undertake next summer. A change in the wind should produce some interesting results.

All but two of my paintings are acrylics. To date, I have painted in oil twice. I recently took a mini-lesson in the properties of oil and I look forward to experimenting further with this medium during the winter months.

I expect that my fascination with dead trees and abandoned buildings will continue, as will my need to document my surroundings. During the past two years I have painted in Ormstown, Quebec, the Kawartha’s region and my local surroundings. I expect that I will continue to paint whenever and wherever the mood strikes me. I look forward to experiencing that which will inspire me next.

Commissions welcome.