Making Changes Over Time

I have many paintings that hang around my house–in the basement, in the loft, in the studio, and some on the walls. The ones that are hanging around in all corners are there because they are bothering me for some reason. Often, I have to rework them because something just isn’t right.

I recently consulted with a friend who understands paintings. She took a quick look at three of them and informed me I needed to tighten them up. I know this is a weakness I have. Going into the painting to add and highlight the details is not the work I like to do. It is messy, it angers me, it frustrates me….and from there the work is brought around to a new appearance.

I have added a few old works to the ‘new work’ because I have tightened them up and am ready to abandon them once again. Let me know what you think.

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