I arrived in Aukland

Today I flew to Aukland and have already got a house mate…some sort of bug, which I have a photo of for those of you who are interested.

On the flight I sat beside a couple who are from China and studying in Aukland.  After the flight, we ran into each other again on the bus ride in.  Moe, you had your picture taken at this point and some how in your excitement you broke your left arm!  I am spending tonight and tomorrow here seeing the sights and I get the Kiwi bus on Monday morning at 7:15, so I best be off Figi time by then.  I will miss Bachlorette again!  Thanks for the updates, Alex.  Chris was my pick so I am out of the money.

I am at Nomads on Fort Street, one of the larger hostiles. There seems to be much to do around the city, including ferrying across to smaller islands.  I have already walked the main street–Queen.  There is much shopping, restaurants and general interest stores.  I had a gluten free bun (that was the largest and best tasting I’ve ever had) filled with bacon, lettuce and tomatoe.  Meat is back on the menu!

The weather has cooled of considerably since Figi.  I am stubbornly sticking to my shorts as I only have a small supply of pants, so I am holding out for the real cold of the south.  Tonight is actually cold, I think hovering around the zero mark.  I’m glad I went to warm up first before heading here. 


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6 Responses to I arrived in Aukland

  1. Mo says:

    Can’t wait to see the new me…and looking forward to my amputee hobbit pics.

    • Wendy Clarke says:

      You look like yourself, but your arm is split into many . I am going to have to cover you in a sock soon as it is getting colder.

  2. Sharon says:

    Glad to hear you are having a good time and meeting people. Enjoy the travels and give us lots of updates! Can’t wait to see the photos.

  3. Joanne & Shaun says:

    An excellent account of your adventures!!! Write as much as you can…. While it is fresh!!!

    Stay safe


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