I arrived in Figi a few days ago–July 2, 2012.  Linda whom I sat beside on the plane was also on the boat that took us to our Figian Islands.  She and her friend Michela, were on the Island beside mine, so we were on the boat together.  I have pictures.  They also helped me sort out the problem with me credit card and the no roaming on my i-phone because my camera is not working.

I spent the next two days on Barefoot Island.  I had no internet there; however, they helped me find and locate my luggage that did not arrive with me.  I now have my luggage and I met up with LInda and Michela again on the boat travelling north.

I am now at Nabua Lodge up where the movie the Blue Lagoon was filmed.  They are at the resort 30 minutes away,.  I will leave from here on Friday night and stay on the main land before heading to New Zealand on Saturday.

Again my credit card did not work at Barefoo, so I need to settle up with them at the boat launch on Friday.  I will be putting in an e-mail to my bank after this.  Despite all this the food has been good and they have catered to my needs and the sleeping arrangements are good.  The weather and scenary are beautiful.

I have seen many different colours of coral, fish, a small shark and a few dolphins.  The mantarays were not swimming by on either day I was at Barefo


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  1. Maureen says:

    Sounds wonderful…I must be having a good time there with you;) I’m glad the island was named Barefoot and Pregnant (I know, a bad joke). Miss you!

  2. Maureen says:

    I meant “wasn’t” named Barefoot and Pregnant!

  3. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Fiji is one of my favourite destinations in the world!! Has the best snorkelling! Where are you staying on the mainland? Nadi Bay?? Can’t wait to see pics!! SO as promised, here’s a Bachelorette update: All home visits went well. Many were boring. Nothing too crazy happened. Sean played a joke on her and said he lives at home and showed her this disgusting mess of a room. She didn’t meet Jef’s parents, but loves his siblings and sees Ricky fitting in on his ranch. She sent home…..Chris!! So we are down to Jef, Arie, and Sean! I think it’ll come down to Sean and Jef then Jef will win. But we’ll see! ENJOY FIJI!!! Don’t forget to drink some Kava! Miss you lots 🙂

  4. Amanda Clark says:

    Glad you are having a good time. Sorry about your credit card woes. Hope they straighten it out so you can fully enjoy your holiday. Did you get any pictures of the wildlife? Are you finding inspiration for your art? Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures!

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