Cairns. Port Douglas, Gold Coast

I took a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef–actually, 90 minutes from Cairns.  We were at a great time because the weather was over cast and the winds were calm.  This meant that the sand wasn’t churning up from the floor bottom and the water was clear.  I paddled around the enclosed part in the morning and saw colourful corral and fish.

In the afternoon I set out with a Marine Biologist and a group to explore the outer side of the reef.  Immediately after jumping into the water I saw a shark…now I was frozen.  Other people were asking the guide–is that a shark?  Had I opened my mouth it would have screamed SHARK and I would have scrambled over anyone to get to the boat.

Our guide said nonchalantly, “We are a large group and it just doesn’t know what to do with us, so stick close.  Look there are two more sharks. Amazing!”  And we all moved closer together as if on cue! 

The weather warmed and I headed up into the rainforest and saw some great sights.  Then onto Port Douglas where the heat went up to 28 degrees celcius–gorgeous.  Learnt some better ideas of how to promote my art and how to travel and complete some artworks.

A small flight and 90 minute drive later I am in Gold Coast…and here I stay until Thursday when I have a 24 hour trip home…yet, I leave here on the 23rd and arrive home on the 23rd…how strange travel is…

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  1. Maureen says:


    I feel like doing some art with you when you get back, and if I can get away from the twinnies.

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Yes, we will get some art in….even if we have to give them the paint as well!

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