Welcome in Figi…I tried to upload the sketches that I have from Figi, but no luck.  I am not so computer savy!  I had put myself on Figi time, so life has slowed considerably, so I was able to sketch at length a couple of times.  The sketches are of the rocks meeting the water with the mountains in the background.

Amanda, to answer your question about “wildlife”…..I spider about the size of the palm of my hand was a room mate of mine at Nabua Lodge.  Again, the photo I can’t seem to bring up because I am using the i-phone, which I have never used before.

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  1. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Gotta love Fiji time!! Love when you sign up for a tour in Fiji and are scheduled to leave “sometime in the morning”…just hang out! Wish I could be on Fiji time! Best way to spend a summer 🙂 Miss you!

    • Wendy Clarke says:

      It is something that is for sure! I used it again this morning to savour my coffee….Yep, I am at the Nomads. I’ll remember you to them! Hi to the girls

  2. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    Glad you arrived safely! I remember staying in Nomads, Auckland! I’m so jealous. I will continue to keep you posted on Bachelorette. We’ve had insane heat in Orangeville this past week, between 35 and 40 degree weather! Founder’s Fair today. An old man points to Nahla in passing and asks Jomo, “she yours?” “yes” “good job!” he says. haha Saw a kangaroo and told Nahla Wendy would be seeing some when she gets to Oz. Nahla of course says “I really miss Wendy. She’s my best friend”. Find a computer wiz on the kiwi bus to help you upload some pics!! Can’t wait 🙂

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    I will look for a computer wiz…good suggestion. Hi Nahla! Hi Mylia!

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