Back in Aukland

Well , the bus took me North to Bay of Islands.  Really a gorgeous couple of days.  I had planned to sail today; however, I was the only one wanting to. They need two people to allow the boat to sail.  A huge disappointment since it has been so long snce I have sailed.  And the weather would have been condusive to great sailing.

Yesterday I went out on a boat tour and saw the many islands.  Some privately owned and others uninhabited.  I saw the black rock islands that have formed in columns of which there are only three like these in the world–here, Galapogus Islands and Ireland.  Impressive!

We actually road the boat through a Hole in a Rock.  It was really more like a ride than a straight drive through.  It took three tries to get the right rhythme of the waves and currents and it seems as though we just squeezed through.  They weren’t kidding when they said hang on.  Only rock like it in the world.

We hung with a pod of dolphins and later Lena and I headed over to Russell Island.  Which isn’t even an island, it is part of the main land.  Go figure!  It was the first place settled in NZ by the Europeans.  They were at war with the Mauri’s and settled and thus began the debauchery which later allowed the capital of NZ to be known as the Hell Hole of the Pacific.  It has been cleaned up and is a quaint place now.  It boasts the first church of the NZ and is still functioning as part of the community.  They welcome all in and are a trusting community to have their doors wide open all day long.  The capital of NZ then moved further south to Aukland and even further south to Wellington, which continues to be the capital.

Today since my sailing was cancelled I re-booked my trip back to Aukland and spent the morning lazing around with Julia–I sketched and lay in the sun reading my Kobo.  I noticed that Julia had her Kobo out–I asked her what she did when her pages kept returning to previous pages and she said they don’t.  I explained that my did and showed her how I was “turning” pages.  Apparently, I just need to touch the edges on the side of the direction I want to go.  Duh!

When I find a free Wi Fi situation I am going to try to upload? download? my photos from my phone to Facebook because apparently that is the way I will need to do it until I am back on my own computer.  Look for this sometime……

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  1. Aleksandra Mayers says:

    I never had the chance to visit the Bay of Islands! Sounds beautiful 🙂 My parents visited the hole in the rock and said it was pretty neat. Enjoying all the updates! Now for the Bachelorette update: She sent home SEAN! He had even wrote a really nice letter to Ricky about how great of a father figure he wants to be. She did not make use of the fantasy suite, as to maintain a good mother image on tv (but apparently it’s okay to make-out with several different bachelors on national tv…). I think she’s leaning towards Arie at the end but is worried their relationship is all physical. Jef brings out her “bad adventurous” side and “gets her”. To be continued…

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