Aukland at a Glance

Wish I were more techie and able to load some photos for you.  There is clearly much I need to learn about travelling and much I have learned already.  Being that I am still on Figi time I was awoken this morning at the Nomads Hostel by Housekeeping.  It was 10:00 am.  Check out time 10:00am.  I bought a watch in order to correct this problem, hopefully.

I began the day with breakfast.  What I thought I ordered and what arrived were three entirely different things.  Thank goodness for understanding as I was unable to eat any of the two meals that arrived for me.  Breakfast was scaled back and it was great to have real coffee again.

My stomach is still churning from something in Figi.  Leave it to me to get sick when there is no gluten involved.  There was something in the dish that just didn’t agree.  I have started taking in a bit more food, however I eat smaller and less often.  I wish I were able to handle any and all food and drink.

I headed up to the waterfront and was struck by the common sense approach involved with the planning.  There is a huge shipping industry that does not stand out because the surrounding buildings, sculpture, restaurants and shops stand out.  AS do the sailboats and harbours.  The shipping containers have been used in different forms–ATM machines, stacked with TVs at the top to view, kids hang out areas.  Toronto planners should be spending a bit of time here.

I took the ferry over to the island of vinyards–Waiheke.  I toured around the island that is home to many people that had places build and have never lived in them.  Imagine being able to dispose of that kind of income!  The beaches are long and sandy, the scenary breathtaking, and the feeling one could live there is ever present.

The weather today was perfect.  More like our warm fall days or early springs.  It usually rains this time of year–none today.  I believe I am getting my sea legs as I have spent more time on water than land this past week.  In Figi,  days 1, 3 and 5, found me spending hours shuttling (on the Cheetah) from one island to another for hours at a time.  Then small boats for excursions and to and from the Cheetah. 

Mom, I brought along the small afgan you crocheted for me and it has come in seriously handy.  On all the flights, last night as it was cold and when I was waiting for my luggage to arrive in Figi it doubled as my towel and blanket.  Super size and ever practical!  Thanks.

Tomorrow I head out on the Kiwi Experience. I have no idea whether I am heading North or South.  I will be on a bus provided I have set my alarm correctly on this new watch.  Chances being as they are I have had someone else set it for me, just to be sure…..

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2 Responses to Aukland at a Glance

  1. Jen says:

    Enjoy reading all your updates! looking forward to viewing pix!

  2. Maureen says:

    Even if there are no pictures you’re words are creating quite a vivid description for me:)

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