A Return to the Studio

travelling in FigiI spent the summer sketching abroad. This has enabled me to return to the studio and finish work from previous travels.  With these paintings finishing I can now put together the body of work from Figi, New Zealand and Oz.

I am unsure how the body of work will take shape because usually I begin my paintings directly on the canvas.  This journey allowed me to create sketches for my sketch book and use photographs to document my locations.  Now will begin the work of takings ideas and moving them to the canvas.

Part of the dilemma is the idea of theme.  What was the purpose of my documentation.  I have a collection of photos that are my shadow in the places I was.  There are the collection of sketches from each country.  And there are photos that capture time, place and people.  I am working on discovering the relationship between them all and how that relationship would be best displayed on the canvas.

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